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Derived from our master Coalesse color palette — inspired by nature and designed as a supporting, calming, natural layer of an environment — we’re excited to introduce a new knit color program.

  • Blue Palette
    Lagunitas Blue Outline
    Lagunitas Blue Palette
  • Green Palette
    Lagunitas Green Outline
    Lagunitas Green Palette
  • Red Palette
    Lagunitas Red Outline
    Lagunitas Red Palette
  • Yellow Palette
    Lagunitas Yellow Outline
    Lagunitas Yellow Palette
  • Warm Neutral Palette
    Lagunitas Warm Neutral Outline
    Lagunitas Warm Neutral Palette
  • Cool Neutral Palette
    Lagunitas Cool Neutral Outline
    Lagunitas Cool Neutral Palette
  • Red Palette
    SW_1 Red Outline
    SW_1 Red Palette
  • Green Palette
    SW_1 Green Outline
    SW_1 Green Palette
  • Yellow Palette
    SW_1 Yellow Outline
    SW_1 Yellow Palette
  • Warm Neutral Palette
    SW_1 Warm Neutral Outline
    SW_1 Warm Neutral Palette
  • Cool Neutral Palette
    SW_1 Cool Neutral Outline
    SW_1 Cool Neutral Palette
  • Blue Palette
    SW_1 Blue Outline
    SW_1 Blue Palette
John Hamilton

“We have a calm palette of color. Our point of view is that color shouldn’t be the most important part of any setting one is trying to create. Colors that Coalesse usually uses – and what we’re trying to put forward – are colors that work with a lot of other colors and natural materials.”

John Hamilton

Director of Global Design, Coalesse

More about the Palette

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